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Service concept
More than 20 years to tin pass has been engaged in the R & D and manufacture of construction machinery, deep know the hardships of the construction of the road engineering and tension, especially in the construction process if there is a problem with the device and have not resolved in a timely manner to, will affect the construction progress of the whole line, to the user's reputation and economy with huge losses.
Thus providing the excellent service to the user is the belief that the tin is the professional service for the user.
Service commitment
Pre service
Before the contract signed with the user to do a good job in the selection of equipment, on-site planning and other work.
In the contract after the signing to the customer provides technical information about the product a, layout, foundation drawing and equipment to the foundation of the static calculation, and can send technical personnel to help buyer site foundation arrangement.
The contract after the signing, if the customer needs, before installation, by our group company subordinate tin channel bridge, asphalt mixing plant in advance training related to operation and maintenance personnel, until the customer technicians can independent operation of the equipment. During the training period, the company provided free of charge for the training of the staff.
After-sale service
Send engineering and technical personnel responsible for the complete set of equipment installation, commissioning, and in field training related to operation and maintenance personnel, to be customer's technical staff can operate independently after the device and then left the scene.
Product quality three packs a period of one year, during the period such as the failure of the equipment, free of charge and other causes of the failure. In after receiving the notification of the purchaser immediately recovery solutions, such as be sent is the province and neighboring provinces and cities maintenance personnel within 24 hours arrived at the scene, far provinces 48 hours arrived at the scene within, in case of emergency and the other special treatment.
48 free replacement of the equipment parts within three hours of maintenance, and the part of the re guarantee for one year.
After the expiration of the warranty, the product of the implementation of lifelong paid services. Equipment vulnerable parts supply at cost price.
On the new users of the regular follow-up visits to the service, the old users are not regular follow-up visit services, to understand the user's needs, to solve the user is difficult.
Equipment extended service
To provide users with life services and solutions for various needs of users, such as the long-term technical support in the asphalt modified treatment, SMA addition, asphalt regeneration system and asphalt pavement materials.
In the design of asphalt mixing plant, we have integrated the asphalt regeneration and SMA adding system, from the electrical control to the structure of the host, the system has been extended to the regeneration system.
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