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Central control room

     The container structure, outer wall adopts double luxury aluminum alloy plate, beautiful appearance. High voltage part and control part is divided into two separate regions, the high voltage part cancel the traditional electric cabinet, work easier to heat, maintenance and more convenient

Dual control remote control

Self developed asphalt mixture mixing device polymorphism control software V1.0 (soft word 65431st), with the following functions:

1, dual control technology (that is, dual control)
2, automatically start up and stop the equipment in order
3, without the need to manipulate the button, the mouse on the computer to start and stop on the computer
4, set up a variety of process recipes, save any of a variety of recipes, and automatic calibration formula data
5, set the production volume, the completion of the automatic stop after setting the output
6, according to the formula of the proportion control
7, save many years of production data, there are a variety of ways to query print any time production data
8, automatic compensation, and compensation limit value processing
9, and other material recognition function
10, fault alarm and display the alarm reason
Two, 11 time open door control technology
12, asphalt two times measurement
13, industrial Ethernet communication technology
14, with remote diagnosis function.

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